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25 June
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I am hopelessly addicted to due South, which has taken over my life.

I've written quite a bit of fanfic, ranging from poetry, to casefics, short stories, back stories, some comedy, a lot of angst, and some really bizarre crossover fiction.

Please feel free to podfic or mix it up in anyway you like... just so long as you tell me, so I can link to it. I'd love to do podfic myself, but I think an American or Canadian voice would work best, (or in fact any voice other than mine) so please... have a go! I'd be honoured.

You can find my fics here, http://archiveofourown.org/users/ButterflyGhost
chess, due south, languages, playing guitar, reading (almost anything). writing, singing in choir, violin, whatever comes.

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