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July 4th, 2015

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11:57 am - Been forever
So, I know that it has been a long time since I posted - here is what is happening in the land of BG.

Firstly, great news - the son and heir has passed his driving exam, first time, and is pretty chuffed. (He got four minors, which is pretty good when you're scared witless.)

He has also got a part time job, which he is enjoying. It entails a very early start, which is good for a teenage boy (otherwise he would lie in bed till noon.) This way he has the rest of the day. He may decide to keep it if he gets on his chosen course next year. (Leading into university, where he intends to study creative writing.) He should have got on this course last year, but he panicked and didn't open his A level results, because he thought he'd failed them. (He hadn't.) When he realised he had the grades he needed he applied, but he had left it too late. As you can imagine, he is keen to get on it and make up for lost time.

More stressful news - we are both due in court on Wednesday to appear as witnesses against Nasty Neighbour. Whatever happens, this will mark the end of dealings with her. At least I hope so, you never know when that woman is going to go crazy. If she gets off she may decide to come around and gloat.

If she gets found guilty it is good news for her new neighbours, because she will evicted. And if she doesn't abide by whatever penalty she is given (probably community service) she will go to prison. Given that I can't imagine her behaving herself, that is a distinct possibility.

On Monday I have an interview re my midwifery course - hopefully I will get funding for living expenses while I am studying. Otherwise I will have to get a part time job to see me through - given that it is a full time course, that could be exhausting.

If I get my funding, and the son and heir keeps his job, I may just be able to afford a car for him. Basically, an interest free loan from the bank of Mum. He's always been honest and disciplined with money, so I know he will pay me back.

My Patrick book is slowly taking off. 

And I am going on the cruise I won this month - travelling with my Dad, who has just retired. I've just remembered I have to contact my Doctor about anti nausea tablets, in case I turn out not to have sea legs. In the past I've been okay, but they were just short trips to Ireland. Staying on a boat for eight days is a different thing.

Very much looking forward to my Dad showing me the sites around Ireland. I couldn't have a better travel companion.

Oh - and when I was in Ireland this last month I got my fainne - a badge pin that you wear so people know you speak Irish and are happy to talk to them in it. I was pretty delighted, they are hard to achieve. It was weird talking to little old ladies outside mass in Irish, then seeing the look on their faces when I gave an American directions to the beach. One of them just stared at me silently, the other one said 'you speak great Irish for an English girl.' I explained, of course, and they invited me to tea.

Hmm. What else? Oh yes! I am half way through my Big Bang. Having solved some plot points it is going smoother now - it helps to have a good beta who is prepared to help you wrangle your way through the trickier paths of story. (As usual this one is making me uncomfortable to write. Why I put my characters through such trauma is beyond me.)

And next month in Chicago! Meeting up with fannish friends at vividcon, and then travelling around a bit and staying with another fannish friend. We are planning on making a video together - she wants to expand her technique and teach me the basics. I am very pleased with our song choice, and hope we'll be able to post it after the visit.

I think that's it for now. 

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Date:July 4th, 2015 01:24 pm (UTC)
Sounds like things are turning up BG! Fingers crossed for the interview.

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